China produced 72 million tons of steel in March last year

China produced 72 million tons of steel in March last year Visit: 2176

Increase in monthly production despite the commitment to reduce production;

Despite China's commitment to reducing production volumes, recent statistics indicate a steady increase in monthly production volumes, which could signal the Chinese authorities' disregard for the country's environmental commitments. Despite the problem of excess supply in the steel market and The rise in land-based emissions from pollutant emissions has caused a lot of problems in recent years; China, which, according to the world's top economies, has been blamed for reducing its production volumes. But recent figures indicate that the country's monthly production volume has not only been declining, but has also experienced a steady increase in recent months, with the continuation of this trend, China's production will increase more than the total volume of production in South Korea by the end of the year.

Chinese media reported a massive increase in steel production in April, announcing an increase in investment in China's infrastructure sectors and increased production volumes in unauthorized industrial units. In fact, the media took the responsibility of the government by claiming production in unauthorized manufacturing units and tried to prove to the world that the Chinese government was losing its commitment to Egypt. The government said it would cut production volumes this year to provide a way to reduce market surplus and reduce pollutant emissions.

Steel production in the country grew 1.8 percent year-on-year to 71.99 million tons, according to the China Ministry of Industry. In April, China's production of steel with an increase of 4.9 percent reached 72.78 million tons, a record for its monthly production.

 China produced 2.42 million tons of steel per day in April, and if this trend continues until the end of the year, its production will reach 885 million tons this year, which is 77 million tons more than last year. This growth is high for a country committed to reduce its production by over 150 million tons over a period of 5 years, indicating the government's inability to implement its economic policies.

Of course, the government's failure to implement these policies is just one scenario, and another scenario is that the Chinese government is unwilling to implement this policy. In a time when the heads of different countries easily relieve themselves of the burden of international obligations, in the midst of the Tramp era, America not only does not take responsibility for the global economic structure, but also by withdrawing from the global treaties, including the Treaty of Paris, the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas North, and ultimately shrinking in the direction of achieving a tangible goal of implementing global agreements. Chinese officials are not obligated to implement global agreements. Meanwhile, the US government, by enforcing the laws of the oil and steel sector and disregarding environmental issues, is trying to increase the production capacity of its industry. China, which, due to the polluting nature of the steel industry, has not reduced the volume of production to the agenda, there is no reason to worry about it, and it sees a rise in production volumes and annual revenue growth as its top priority.

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