Iran's steel exports dropped in May. Why

Iran's steel exports dropped in May. Why Visit: 2053

Exports of semi-finished and semi-finished steel from Iran dropped 24 percent in May, while exports of steel were seen as a way to maintain the survival of this industry.

Despite the fact that the increase of exports has been introduced as one of the main goals of the steel industry in Iran, but the survey shows that in May of this year 571 thousand and 888 tons of ready and semi-finished steel were exported from Iran, which was higher than in the same period last year. The decline was 24%. This drop in exports in the second month of the year came in a situation where official statistics showed an 83% increase in exports in the first month of 1396 compared to the previous year. The main question is: what happened in the steel market in Iran, which reduced the export capacity of the country? Is tax policies imposed by European countries and a number of Asian countries, such as Thailand, have reduced Iran's exports, or Iranian export agreements have been suspended during the second year of this year due to Iran being placed under electoral conditions? If the election is the main factor behind this drop in exports, it can be expected that with the normalization of the country's economic and political situation and getting out of the electoral space, rebounding exports will take place in Iran. But if foreign trade policies are the main factor behind this drop in exports, There were other solutions.

1% drop in exports in the first two months of the year

In the first two months of this year, Iran exported 931,461 tons of steel, down 1 percent from the first two months of the year. The reasons for the lower Iranian steel exports in Ardebt this year are various issues, including the fact that the growth of iron ore prices in the first months of this year caused a rise in steel prices and demand in the global market. On the other hand, different tax laws were imposed by steel importing countries to protect the domestic industry, which caused a drop in steel exports from Iran. Of course, it should be noted that this month, China also implemented a variety of policies that resulted in lower prices for its products in the global market, which led to a larger share of the world steel market.

What companies were the largest Iranian exporters

In the second month of 1396, the steelmaking company of Khuzestan had the highest exports. Khuzestan has registered its name as the largest exporter of Iran by exporting 293.262 tons of steel products, but more importantly, export volumes grew by 120 percent compared to the same period last year. The rate is very high and significant.

In 1395, it exported 1.9 million tons of steel, and for the first time in Takheh Iran, Mobarakeh Steel Company has been able to outperform its steel and steel products. Increasing investment in steel production in Khuzestan and marketing well for export of its products. Can be considered as the main reasons for this success. In 1395 the steelmaking company Khuzestan exported 52% of its total steel production to foreign markets and earned $ 176.31 million profit, up from 300% year-on-year. The company It exports thirteen countries of steel to the Middle East, North Africa, and the Far East Have come to life.

The second largest steel exporter in Iran in May this year was Hormozgan Steel Works, which exported 97,000 and 40 tons of steel to world markets.

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